Buying Your Home

Ok, we have analyzed your credit, straightened out any issues, saved for the down payment and been pre-approved for a home that fits into your budget that anticipates the purchasing of your first home. Where do you go from here?

Most purchasers decide to work with a real estate agent working in the role of a buyer’s agent. Let’s back up and define the role and type of realtors typically found in the home buying process.

A good buyer’s agent, like a good loan officer, will get to know you as an individual before starting to show you homes. They should review “must haves” such as the number of bedrooms as well as “wants” such as a fireplace or corner lot. Be upfront with the realtor and let them know the maximum purchase price that fits into your budget (as determined during the pre-qualification process). Again, you should work with an agent that you feel comfortable with and not one that you feel you are annoying or being pressured into putting in an offer.

Most agents today can send you listings via e-mail and thus you can save time by only looking at homes that you are interested in.